Uncanny Behaviours People Display During Sex

During sex, anything can happen but some people don’t know where to draw the line. Some behaviours are funny. When some are plain stupid. I picked up from my own experiences of some of the weird behaviours I’ve witnessed first-hand.

1. Throwing of bizarre comments: I don’t know what causes this, maybe anxiety or excitement but I know telling a girl whom you’re in the act with that she has a pointed nose is plain stupid: especially when the nose isn’t even pointed. Exactly what has a nose got to do with the deed at hand? If it was a comment about my boobs or thighs, I’d understand. But nose… Wow!

2. Forcing words out of me: Yeah it’s great to not just lay in bed like a dead body during sex. Talking dirty spices things up but!…I’m going to act according to how I feel. I will moan when I get that feeling and be myself. Asking me questions like ‘Am I fucking you right? Baby do you love it?’ Is almost like you need an outright confirmation from me to let you know I’m enjoying myself. Women fake orgasms, so what’s your point?

3. Acting like we’re in a race: First off, if I wanted to run: I’d look for a park to do that. Sex is no marathon so don’t keep hitting and hitting it like we’re in a race of who finishes first. I heard gentlemen finish last but even if you don’t, at least you can always switch tempo.

4. That awkward moment: …Please if we’re having sex and your dick slips out and you’re not quite sure you’re putting it in right after a failed attempt to get it in, kindly use your hand. Need I say more…especially when we’re in a not-so-comfy position…don’t mistake my asshole for my vagina. It gives me the creeps.

5. Wanting to kiss all the time: It’s great to kiss during sex, ignites passion et al. I don’t want to kiss all the time during sex, though. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you or want to, but I am simply not interested in having my lips locked in someone else’s when I’m screaming.

That said, have a great sex life everyone and Happy New Month.

Body Flaw Consciousness During Sex


    There is nothing as scary as wanting to have sex but getting scared about showing your partner your body, not the sexy looking body in a tight pair of jeans, or the body in a neatly ironed shirt, but your real body, that you try to cover up and wish no one else would see.


The truth is that when you are so concious about the flaws on your body, you draw attention to it.


It may be a little scar, stretch marks, spots or whatever, but remember, sex is not a beauty contest and your partner is probably engulfed in having you and may not pay attention to those areas.


  I used to be concious of my body a lot (call it a search for perfection) and never thought I’d be able to get over my flaws consciousness. But I realised during sex, my partner doesn’t care and heck…neither do I!


Why run to put the lights out during sex? If you’re doing it for a romantic reason, that’s alright but telling yourself you aren’t good to look at with the lights on is mental torture on its own.


That is the part where your confidence comes into play and you have to overlook distractions. You want to have sex, not start pointing at each other’s body flaws.


A confident person is a fun person in bed (or wherever you choose to have sex).


It definitely is not fun having to convince someone during sex, about how good looking they are and how their scar can be reduced by a new lotion that works or how you don’t care about the varicose vein.


Be confident in yourself and focus on enjoying yourself. I’m sure your partner finds something sexy about you.

My First Bi-Sexual Experience

My day had been quite a lazy one. It was late afternoon and I had been sleeping all day in my shorts and nothing else. When I heard a knock on my door, it came as a surprise.


‘Who are you?’ I asked, grudgingly getting out of bed.


‘It’s me.’ Came the reply.


Irritated I yelled ‘You, who?’


‘It’s me. Open the door, please.’ The gentle female voice said once more.


‘Alright, hold on.’ I said grabbing my sweater, since I had no top on. 

I tried to zip it but it wouldn’t and the impatient voice came again: 


‘What are you doing? Why are you taking so long to get the door?’


In a haste, I decided to get the door without worrying about my damn sweater, since it was a girl at the door anyway.


I reached for the door opened it to hear a big ‘Wow!’ It was Kate. She stood there and stared at my big tits in amazement. I was shy and ran back into my room, whilst trying hard to zip my sweater when Kate ran toward me and held me from behind.


‘Please Sarah, let me see. Please’, she begged.


‘See what?’ I asked surprised, trying to hold together my sweater: which was now more difficult to zip, as Kate tried to stop me.


‘I just want to see your tits, Sarah. Please, just let me see.’


I was puzzled as to why Kate longed to see my tits and the way she struggled with me, made me think I was going to be raped. I finally decided to let her have a look, since she was hell-bent on seeing it, anyway.


‘My goodness!’ Screamed Kate, as she grabbed my boobs in her hands and hungrily sucked on my left nipple.


For a moment, I couldn’t come to terms with what was happening. I was standing there and letting a girl suck my nipples. I tried to lose from her grip but she was firm and seemed determined.


Slowly, I started to feel good and more relaxed, as Kate teased my nipples with her tongue, occasionally throwing wick’d glances at me. She was good at it and I concluded it wasn’t her first time.


I met Kate 3 weeks ago at a birthday party I was invited to by a friend. I danced energetically and seductively, to the bewilderment of everyone. 


   At the far end of the hall sat Kate with her boyfriend, staring at me, but so was everyone else. Though I had seen Kate a couple of times with my friend, we never had a conversation.


The next day I was chatting with friends on a new dating site I had just registered on when a BBM contact request popped up. I added the contact, to which the person said: 


‘Thanks for accepting my request. I went through hell to get your BB pin.’


‘Good day. Who am I chatting with please?’ I asked, thinking it must be one of my male secret crushers.


‘It’s Kate. I saw you at the party last night but didn’t get a chance to talk to you’ She replied.


‘Ok.’ I said, not very interested in what she had to say.


‘You were the centre of attraction. I didn’t know you could dance so good.’


‘Yes I can.’


‘You are very beautiful, Shane. Can I please ask you a question?’


‘Ask anything.’


‘Are you a virgin?’


I was surprised at the question. I found it a bit uneasy when people asked me that. However, I answered: ‘I am.’


‘Wow really! Do you have a boyfriend?’ She asked, excited.


‘Of course I do.’


‘What does he do to you?’


‘I’m sorry Kate,’ I began. ‘That is personal and I cannot discuss it with you.’


The discussion came to an abrupt end and days later, Kate invited me to come visit her at her home to which I declined, only for me to open my door and surprisingly see her standing.


    By now, I was so horny and pushed forward to let Kate take in more of my tits into her mouth. She led me carefully to the bed, as I sat facing her, watching her suck and squeeze my tits. I moaned in ecstasy and she looked up at me seductively.


‘I want to suck your pussy’


A million thoughts ran through my mind at that moment. It was bad that I’d let her suck my tits and now my pussy…


‘No…no, don’t bother.’ I said, getting up from the bed.


She pulled me closer ‘…but I want to.’


‘No Kate.’ I insisted, freeing myself away from her grip.


‘I want to suck you!’ With that, she pulled me closer and made for the buttons of my shorts.


I found myself struggling for my shorts buttons with Kate. She was strong and persuasive.


‘I’m going to scream.’ I said firmly, in a bid to scare her.


She grinned, with one hand on my shorts and the other on my nipple. 

‘All the sexier.’


‘Okay, okay. You will suck me okay, I want to take a shower first. I haven’t had my bath all day’


‘I don’t mind, baby.’ She whispered into my ear, unzipping my shorts.


‘I do.’


She moved back and sat on the bed.

‘Promise me I’ll suck your pussy.’


The words came out slowly. ‘You will.’


I poured water on my body slowly. I was scared and excited. When I entered the room, Kate was sprawled out on the bed, in an opposite direction. I was relieved and just as I made to slip into my shorts, she turned around and drew me close, holding me by my waist.


‘You look so sexy.’ She said softly, carefully laying me on the bed.


I felt like a lamb being led to the slaughterhouse.


   Kate parted my legs gently and the next thing I felt was her tongue on my clit. She made a circular motion on my clit, alternating between light and hard pressure. I moaned softly and this seemed to turn her on.


Raising my legs higher, she pulled me closer and buried her head in my pussy. It felt so good and I heard myself moan loudly. I ran my fingers through her hair and she smiled at me. 

It was the first time I touched her romantically. 

She took my clit in her mouth and sucked it passionately, before moving her tongue down, making to insert it into my wet cunt.


   I gasped and screamed…I wanted her to put her head all into me. 

What was she doing to me? I parted my legs as she put her tongue inside me.

I wasn’t scared of anyone hearing my screams, I just wanted her to keep on pleasing me.

It felt great, with a sting of guilt. 


   Throwing my head backwards, I raised my legs higher and suddenly felt something inside me. Kate was finger fucking me…slowly. I cried softly, arching my back and holding her wrist.


‘Fuck! I love your pussy,’ she said, smiling.

I couldn’t take it anymore and threw the pillow under my head. I was shaking and Kate tried to keep me steady. She fingered me faster as I grabbed the little left of the bed sheet on the bed.


‘Fu…Oh my gosh!’ I cried out as Kate put her tongue inside me. I was jerking uncontrollably, as tears came down freely from the corner of my eyes.


  Kate stared at me as I laid on the bed exhausted. I wanted to say a word but didn’t know exactly what to say. So she smiled at me and for the first time…I smiled back.

8 Reasons Men Love Casual Sex.

Casual has to do with sex outside a romantic relationship. You might have had one: I have to admit though that even as society frowns at it, it sometimes the easiest pill to swallow… There are various reasons why men opt for casual sex instead of a romantic-inclined one. Some of them are:

1. He does not have to deal with emotional baggage.


2. He does not have to impress: he can simply be himself.


3. He won’t have to feel indebted to anyone.


4. He does not have to say ‘I Love You’ if he does not mean it.


5. There’s no need to worry about doing it again, if he did not enjoy it.


6. He can hang out with other girls without fearing jealousy.


7. It actually saves him a lot of drama.


8. It saves him time from the whole ‘chasing’ game and actually just ‘do it’.

The dating game can get a little stressful, couldn’t t?

Why Do Women Feel Sexually ‘Used’ After A Failed Relationship?

tears    It is perfectly normal to mourn over a failed relationship. The time, energy and sacrifice when thought about, makes us feel even worse. 


    However, one thing I would like to believe is enjoyed by a couple is sex. I don’t mean bad sex on a regular, which can be worked on by both parties, I mean great sex. I find it appalling though that some women feel sexually ‘used’ after a failed relationship.


The rationale behind this is not understandable. Is it that these women do not like sex but merely did it to please their partners? Is it that they want to be placed in the victimised position or simply want empathy?


   I am compelled to write this post based on an experience one day with my girlfriends. We were sitting out, about four of us having a nice girl-time-out and someone brings up a topic about being dumped by her boyfriend and how she felt so ‘used’ sexually. That’s the word she used; USED!


     Everyone went into that sympathising mood but for some weird reason, I was indifferent. I was not moved by her sadness because I thought: sex is not something you do with someone ‘just because you love them’, you do it because you WANT to!


    I would feel bad if someone was in a physically or emotionally abusive relationship or was forced against their will to have sex but not in a case where you had sex not once, not twice, not thrice…but over and over (with you probably enjoying it) and come up one day to say you were used…

   That is simply degrading. To say that alone, definitely takes away some self-worth. It seems like you did it because you were coerced and not that you honestly wanted to.


   Women should get out of the whole victimisation thing and stand up for themselves. You own your body, you have the power. Do not act like you have no control over yourself. If I broke up with my ex today, I would miss the great sex, but crying about being used is something I would not think about because I had sex out of my own will and I am responsible for that decision.


Please, make that decision for yourselves, girls and women out there and be responsible for it. I do not want to believe women do not enjoy sex (especially great sex), hence the feeling of being ‘used’.


   Have you ever felt used before or have you met someone who ever felt like they had been manipulated?